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Can You Build A Legitimate Second Income With No Experience  That's PROFITABLE In The First Month...

Hi my name's Susanne (Suzi to my friends)...

This blog is my journal about building a second income online.

And by sharing what I do the intention is that you can do the same but without my mistakes 🙂

The inspiration for this comes from a couple of sources Tony Robbins with his ultimate success formula and my husband Richard who's done similar with his own website.

Tony's success formula basically marries up a powerful WHY ...for me I would love to build this humble site to a level that enables me to retire early.

A plan to follow with MASSIVE ACTION and a process to review the results and possible revise the actions until you hit your target.

The big SHORTCUT Tony suggests is to simply follow the plan and actions of somebody who's already getting the outcome you want (a MENTOR)

My husband recommended a mentor to follow...

Enter Vick Strizheus who with his Four Percent Challenge membership is giving me the plan and actions steps I need to follow.

So I watched some of Vick's stuff to make sure I resonated with his message...

Which I do.

And as I think a lot of other people will also be interested in Vicks message both Richard and me are following his training and recording our actions and results so others can see them if they're interested...

Let the case study begin...

Follow My Four Percent On A Budget Case-Study

Can I successfully follow The Four Percent Challenge on a tight budget?

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  • Debra A DeFrancesco says:

    I’m upset now because I asked them if I could do it I’m on disability and when I saw the site I got so excited and thought that I could join $49 a month and that’s it learn and earn and little by little I have to put more and more money that I don’t have and need to pay bills I told them that I would seeing a bank Rupp see lawyer because of finance. I have always wanted this and tried in the past but never knew what to do now I I might have to cancel everything because I can’t buy his click funnels his e-commerce his East stage and so on I am disappointed and nobody is explaining how to set it up step by step he tells you what to get but I am very confused and would like help or suggestion thank you

    • Hi Debra, not sure how you got to my site to leave this comment as this page doesn’t refer to the program you’re talking about. That being said I do know what your talking about as my husband is a member and I’m actually going through the training myself.

      So I know that you’re talking about Four Percent Group Membership.

      For anyone reading this comment Four Percent is a membership program for would-be entrepreneurs, and personally, I’m a big fan.

      Vick Strizheus the founder has the ambitious objective of helping members to become the most powerful entrepreneur they can become. He’s doing this through teaching the strategies and tactics he’s used in his own businesses.

      To simplify Vicks teaching his strategy for us is to create and develop our OWN BRAND even when operating as an affiliate for other companies. This strategy breaks affiliates free from having to compete with each other directly by ‘wrapping’ affiliate offers in our own unique marketing vehicle. Done correctly this will allow people to develop a successful business as they develop their skills and own brand.

      For anyone looking to follow Vick’s training to a T and promote the affiliate side of Four Percent Group Vick suggests a number of tools that an entrepreneur will need to be successful. These business tools obviously add significantly to the cost of being in business.

      For example; a website to build your personal brand, lead capture and email marketing systems to manage prospect and customer relationships, tracking and conversions systems to help grow and maximize profits. Vick’s recommendations are industry recognized best of breed solutions that can enable a thriving business.

      That being said people have to play with the hand they’ve been dealt, meaning if you have strict financial restrictions you probably can’t afford to start with the optimum set-up. But don’t despair because tools make things easier but there are always alternative ways to getting the same outcome (not as efficient maybe, but if you can’t afford something look for alternatives).

      Personally, If I was in your position Debra I’d work out my max monthly business operating budget, and only work within those limits, if that means doing without Clickfunnels and Estage so be it, you can invest in them later when your business starts producing revenue.

      Hope this helps.

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