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Four Percent Challenge Review

Four Percent Challenge Review 
Will Vicks Secret 'Success Pill' 
Change Your Life...

So What Exactly Is 
The Four Percent Success Pill
And Why Should You Care?

Love this idea! 

Firstly the pill is metaphorical... but the ingredients aren't!

If success could be available to all by simply popping a pill daily ...would you take it?

This is the question posed AND answered by Vick Strizheus...

Vick is a real deal online success story, so he's qualified to answer, but rather than just 'tell' us he's going to challenge himself to do it live on camera for all to see and learn from.

Drum roll...

And so the Four Percent Challenge is born...

In Vicks words...

"FourPercent Challenge is the most comprehensive, step-by-step video guided daily coaching program specifically designed to help you create a true and lasting breakthrough in business, marketing, income, and life.

Imagine getting coached directly by an 8-figure internet entrepreneur on exactly how to go from zero to your first $10,000... $100,000... and even $1,000,000 - step-by-step, day-by-day in a "look over the shoulder" format.

No matter what it is you're promoting or selling, if you dare to take The Challenge, you will rise yourself head and shoulders above everybody else in your space, and become UNSTOPPABLE".

Answering what is the Four Percent Challenge
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No Experience No Skills But Some Success…

My First 3 Months As An Affiliate Marketer

If your looking for a second income stream to supplement your day job without significant start up costs and impractical time investment this post is for you.

Full disclosure: I say 'no skills' but what I do have is a background in admin which means I'm reasonably organised, and not scared of learning new software applications.

Also I've been able to use my husband Richard's web hosting, premium WordPress editor plugin (Thrive Archive), and have access to his training programs (Wealthy Affiliate and Four Percent Group).

Richard's encouragement has also been a great boost.

The vehicle I chose for earning money online is affiliate marketing because it's so fast and easy to start, you don't need any of the usual things associated with starting a business, no inventory, no staff, no customer service, no payment processor. Even without Richard's help I could have set up for under $100 for a website and hosting for the year!

What other business model can be started so easily?

There are many variations of affiliate marketing that require different resources and skills sets. It's a bit like saying I want to become good at a sport. How to you decide which sport to focus on?

Do a little research and try a couple out?

In terms of resources I have a few hours per week, I have Richards training memberships, and I can invest a small portion of my monthly salary towards  advertising if I start seeing results...

My first 3 month in affiliate marketing have been dominated by feels of information overload and confusion

I've spent much of this first 3 months feeling confused and overwhelmed and though I don't like the feelings I've learned to live with it. 

When it get's to much I step away and leave things for a couple of days, just let my subconscious deal with it.

The best advice I could give to anybody starting this journey, would be to find a mentor and model what they do. But going back to my sports example you wouldn't pick Tiger Woods as your mentor if you wanted to learn how to play tennis.

So I'm still trying to decide which sport I want to play other words which style of affiliate marketing to focus on.

To earn a commission as an affiliate you need:-

  1. A product to promote
  2. A person who clicks your unique affiliate link and buys the product.

Sounds simple?

I've been completely overwhelmed and confused by all the options of strategies, products to promote and guru's wanting to 'share' their expertise.

The solution? 

Take your time, test out idea's, make mistakes, get up and try something else.

Before sharing what's worked for me so far, let me tell you about the failures.

In terms of figuring out a promotion strategy, I've decided I don't have the time and talent to build a blogging following, or do search engine optimisation, or any other time consuming traffic strategies. 

I'm going to pay for traffic.

I've started with Search Engine Pay Per Click, because I use search engines daily and understand the principal of paying to get your ads seen.

Budgets are controllable and the traffic quality is top notch. I've been warned Google are hard for affiliates to work with so I'm going to start with Bing.

In terms of training, I've gone through that offered by Wealthy Affiliate, but particularly enjoyed Vick Strizheus direct response style taught by Four Percent Group. 

Vick's all about affiliate marketing through creating your own unique long-term branding, that enable affiliates to market themselves / their brand and so stand out from all the competition.

I love this concept and have tried to implement this in two campaigns one promoting Wealthy Affiliate and one Promoting Four Percent Group.

The concept is to try and create a 'pre-framing' angle that offers immediate value to visitors in return for collecting their email address, and then promotes the product in value added email follow up series.

In both campaigns I've had success in terms of creating an angle that attracts the email subscribers but I've failed to convert in my follow up. I've got a lot to learn about email marketing and creating compelling follow up (work in progress).

What has worked a nutshell, the campaigns where my input is MINIMAL!

I like watching YouTube video's to solve problems and research subjects that interest me. So with so much awesome Youtube content out there I wondered if I simply embedded other peoples great review video's into my site, pretty them up using Thrive Architect and add an compelling call to action.

Could I then send Bing PPC to these pages and make a profit?


My first sales...


So with a total Bing Add spend to date of...

Bing PPC ad spend for my first 3 months

£94.04 I'm actually slightly profitable!

Lessons learned

Product keywords can be found at profitable bid rates.

Curating other peoples content is a super fast way to 'test' your ideas.

Recurring affiliate commissions are very, very attractive. Memberships and services tend to pay affiliates on a monthly recurring basis, which makes building a growing passive income a real possibility.

Some affiliate programs offer the opportunity for more than one-off commissions. These can be real game changers.

So look for programs that offer recurring commissions, back end commissions from other products and services the vendor may offer (rare but out there) and programs that offer Multiple Streams of Income...

For example Wealthy Affiliate trains people how to find potentially profitable keywords using both a free keyword tool and the premium and more powerful Jaaxy keyword tool. This offers WA affiliates the opportunity to earn money from 2 sources.

Four Percent Group take this concept considerably further with about eight sources of income from industry recognised companies like Aweber, GetResponse, ClickFunnels, Click Magick, Blue Host, Name Cheap, Lead Funnels and Udimi. So even though I've only introduced 2 people to Four Percent Group I've also earned commission from Click Funnels and Click Magick with no extra effort!

Going forward I'm going  to have to work on improving my marketing angels and offering better value through email follow up, so that I can broaden my advertising sources beyond Bing PPC and hopefully scale my profits.

Leadpages Alternative – Lower Cost More Flexibility

Leadpages Is Great ...But
If You Use WordPress There's
A Better Alternative... 

Leadpages is a hosted solution meaning you don't need a website to use it. However if you have a WordPress website you now have a great alternative...

Thrive Architect the WordPress Alternative To Leadpages

Top 4 Benefits for You




Thrive Architect starts at $67 one time fee including lifetime updates for a single site licence. Standard Leadpages starts at $300 a year, so there is a large price gap. Check out Thrives pricing table here....



The Thrive Ecosystem of Conversion Focused Products

Thrive offers a full ecosystem of integrated WordPress Themes and plugins which can ALL be yours through the Thrive Membership Package ($228 per year). Click here to see what's included with Thrive Membership...



Embarrassing List of UNIQUE Features...

Only true 'in-line editor' (though the others are all working on this one) which is vital for creating long-form content rich post or pages. Best Mobile editing interface, breadcrumb system to enable more detailed editing of every element, and a growing library of free page template 'sets'.



Thrive University

Thrive Architect comes with lots of video training, but also gives you free access to Thrive University which provides detailed training courses on business topics such as list building and copy-writing. This training is great  ....want proof? check out Thrive University for yourself here...

But Leadpages has some advantages...


Lead digets 

Allows you to capture email addresses and phone numbers through SMS text messaging.


Facebook Integration

Enables publishing of landing pages right inside your Facebook pages.

Expert Secrets Review

Best marketing book in the world? Could Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets win the prize


Thinking of starting online  get this book. Is my advice.

OK, let's try and qualify this statement down a little, I'm saying this book should be read by everyone who is looking to create a business online.

The books free you only pay the shipping (about $8).

Why Should You Get This Book?

  • It teaches the most potent marketing win/win strategy in language a newbie like me can understand and USE!
  • It shows you how to CREATE your niche rather than COMPETE against others.
  • How to discover what people REALLY want.
  • Position yourself HONESTLY so your message ATTRACTS the right people.
  • To help others, build your brand, create security, provide for your family, test your ideas, break free, become profitable, increase profits   ...make money and save a LOT of time.

by Russell Brunson

For me right now the content of this book, the skills it teaches are only in my dreams...

I'm on my second reading and thinking how I might speed up my own learning.

Why am I telling you?

Because in my gut, I know the knowledge in the book is going to be TRANSFORMATIONAL for me, and I hope it maybe for you too.

My medium term goal is to turn my current job part-time through earning supplemental income from affiliate marketing (profitably promoting other peoples products).

Some may argue that as an affiliate I won't need much of what Russell teaches in Expert Secrets, and maybe they'd be right...

But having read the book I'm setting all my standards higher, I'm looking for affiliate programs that that implement the same strategies, I'm thinking of way's I can add more value to people I introduce to affiliate products.

It's very early stages, but I feel reading this book has helped me to 'level up'.

Click here to find out more about Expert Secrets...

Tony Robbins Interviews Russell About Expert Secrets...

Learn E-Commerce How To Build A Lifetime Business

Discover The Fastest Growing Business For 2018 And How YOU Can Leverage It...

Top 4 Benefits for You



100% FREE

What's working in the field right now, and will continue to because it's not what everybody else is doing. Don't compete ...create! 



A Strategy For Life...

Most E-Commerce training is about finding a product source (Ali Baba usually), copying the images, adding a profitable mark-up and then sending Facebook traffic to your product listing and hoping for the best. Really.

This is not sustainable ...learn why and what is.



Real life examples

Shubham shares his thought processes right through from opportunity spotting, product sourcing, UNIQUE positioning, and finally how to launch and dominate the market. Simply watch, learn and implement in your own business.



And there's more...

If creating your own super successful e-commerce business wasn't enough Shubham shares what might be an even bigger opportunity...

Thrive Architect Review Video

Discover the GOOD the BAD & the UGLY of the Thrive Architect
WordPress page-builder 

Top 5 Benefits for You




Thrive Architect offers the fairest pricing model. LIFETIME licence including 1st years support. Meaning for a one time fee you get all Thrive Architect updates for life! If you want additional support you have the option of paying a small annual fee. Check out Thrives pricing table here....



Thrive API Integrations

Thrive is the only page-builder that integrates with all the major email service providers, webinar platform providers and the big three social platforms. This allows you to build stunning marketing campaigns from your Thrive interface, saving you time and accelerating your business growth.



The Thrive Ecosystem of Conversion Focused Products

Adam compared Thrive's suite of products to that of Apple; the benefits and joy of buying into a 'family' of integrated products specifically designed to improve your websites business performance.



Embarrassing List of UNIQUE Features...

Only true 'in-line editor' (though the others are all working on this one) which is vital for creating long-form content rich post or pages. Best Mobile editing interface, breadcrumb system to enable more detailed editing of every element, and a growing library of free page template 'sets'.



Thrive University

Thrive Architect comes with lots of video training, but also gives you free access to Thrive University which provides detailed training courses on business topics such as list building and copy-writing. This training is great  ....want proof? check out Thrive University for yourself here...

But Nothing is Perfect...



Global Site Elements 

This feature is in the 'coming' list. Global site elements are content elements that may sit on many pages (not widgets). Though it's easy to build and save these elements as templates in Thrive Architect, what's not yet possible is to edit the template and automatically update all the instances of that element in one edit.



Using Thrives Landing Page Templates with Your Sites Header Footer

True, this is a very small gripe but there are occasions when you may want to use a Thrive Landing page template between your sites header and footer section. Currently this can be done using a work around which takes a few minutes, it could be a button click.

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