Expert Secrets Review - Suzis Favs....
Best marketing book in the world? Could Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets win the prize


Thinking of starting online  get this book. Is my advice.

OK, let's try and qualify this statement down a little, I'm saying this book should be read by everyone who is looking to create a business online.

The books free you only pay the shipping (about $8).

Why Should You Get This Book?

  • It teaches the most potent marketing win/win strategy in language a newbie like me can understand and USE!
  • It shows you how to CREATE your niche rather than COMPETE against others.
  • How to discover what people REALLY want.
  • Position yourself HONESTLY so your message ATTRACTS the right people.
  • To help others, build your brand, create security, provide for your family, test your ideas, break free, become profitable, increase profits   ...make money and save a LOT of time.

by Russell Brunson

For me right now the content of this book, the skills it teaches are only in my dreams...

I'm on my second reading and thinking how I might speed up my own learning.

Why am I telling you?

Because in my gut, I know the knowledge in the book is going to be TRANSFORMATIONAL for me, and I hope it maybe for you too.

My medium term goal is to turn my current job part-time through earning supplemental income from affiliate marketing (profitably promoting other peoples products).

Some may argue that as an affiliate I won't need much of what Russell teaches in Expert Secrets, and maybe they'd be right...

But having read the book I'm setting all my standards higher, I'm looking for affiliate programs that that implement the same strategies, I'm thinking of way's I can add more value to people I introduce to affiliate products.

It's very early stages, but I feel reading this book has helped me to 'level up'.

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