Four Percent Challenge Case Study - Suzis Favs....
Index of the training provided in the Four Percent Challenge Phase 1 the $10K Challenge

Four Percent Challenge Case Study...
PROFITABLE on a tight budget?

For those that don't know what the Four Percent Challenge is...

It's a unique step by step training program by Vick Strizheus showing how he built his multi-million dollar online business...

By repeating his steps but this time on camera for us to follow and model.

The idea is that through the challenge we copy Vick step by step as he first shows us how to earn $10,000 /mo in phase 1 and then how to 10X it in phase 2 and 10x again to break the MILLION dollar bracket in phase 3!

Super ambitious?

However there is one complaint!

The costs of doing this exactly as Vick does it.

But do we have to do it exactly?

Vick advises that we can learn from the training and use what we've got to get started until we can afford to upgrade our tools.

Got me thinking...

How can we follow Vicks  Four Percent Challenge on a MINIMUM budget?

I'm going to test this for myself.

Vick is using and recommending the best tools and services.

If Vick was cutting down a tree he's recommending a top grade chainsaw, but remember you can get the same result with a much cheaper axe.

To follow Vicks Training you will need (the boldened are MUST HAVEs)...

Four Percent Challenge membership $49 /mo (must have)
Four Percent Promotional Partner /$19 /mo (optional you don't have to promote Four Percent)
Hosting and domain name $5 /mo
WordPress website so can be easily moved to E-Stage at a later date free.
NOTE: You could also start with a free Website which also save you hosting and domain name charges until you're ready.
Get Response or other email service provider £10/mo (must have an email service provider - some email service providers offer a free plan until you reach a specific number of subscribers - Mailchimp is a good example )
Funnel building software for lead capture,  and advanced split testing of landing pages. Clickfunnels ($97 /mo (must have)
Clickmagick tracking service ($17 /mo)

The absolute minimum you'll need if you're going to promote something using Vicks approach would be the Four Percent Challenge an email service provider and a website. 

You can start with a free website and I believe there are some email service providers that also offer a free level until you reach a specified number of subscribers.

Now don't get me wrong what I'm suggesting is only to get us up running and PROFITABLE. So that we can upgrade later when we can afford it.

But will it work?

We'll see...

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My Four Percent Challenge
Set Up & Budget

For this challenge I'm testing if I can PROFITABLY build my business following Vick step by step in the Four Percent Challenge.

Because I want to do this with the lowest budget I'm going to start with what I consider to be the minimum effective tools and services...

So to be clear this is :-

My monthly budget $100  (£71 I'm UK based)

Four Percent Membership $49/mo
Four Percent Promotional Partner fee $19 /mo
Get Response email service provider £10 /mo ($14.07)
Clickmagick tracking services $17 / mo (you could drop this but you wouldn't be able to track where your conversions come from)
Thrive Architect (alternative to E-Stage and Clickfunnels. ($67 one off payment - $6 /mo to make my budget calculation easy)

Total to start $108 /mo rounded up and I'm in business.

I'm giving myself $140 /mo total budget (approx £100)

I'll put the balance ($32) towards my advertising budget and building my business.

NOTE: if you know of a free way to send targeted traffic such as a YouTube channel or social media following you don't have to use paid advertising.

If you have any questions please fire away in the comments below 🙂

Or to see how I'm getting on see my first Four Percent Challenge case study report here...

Follow My Four Percent On A Budget Case-Study

Can I successfully follow The Four Percent Challenge on a tight budget?

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