Discover the disgusting truth about Vick Strizheus Four Percent Challenge...

Four Percent Challenge Review 
Can You Model Vick's

So What Exactly Is 
The Four Percent Success Pill
And What's The Truth?

The TRUTH...

Most people fail online!

The genius idea of a success pill is the antidote. The pill is a mixture of 

  • mindset conditioning
  • mentoring 
  • specialised knowledge
  • specific daily action steps 

By taking the metaphorical pill each day you're becoming a different person

The mindset conditioning is life changing (it's free you don't need to buy anything to access this. If nothing else please experience doing this over a 30 day period. I promise you'll be amazed).

The mentoring, specialised knowledge and daily action steps are what you're paying for. Learning how you can build a real sustainable business online on the back of really helping people and learning how to market your business properly.

The training is video based and before being told exactly what you need do each day to build a business you'll be proud of your mentor Vick Strizheus will explain what needs to be done, the reasons why and over the shoulder step by step how.

If you decide to take the challenge prepare to meet DOUBT FEAR and ANXIETY...

This is the 'terror barrier' we all have to face and break through in order to succeed in anything we set our sights on that's beyond our comfort zone.

I'd love to tell you this is easy fast and requires no work. But the fact is most online busineses fail. 

Yet 100% of the courses sold promise success!

What's the disconnect?

Why is this one different?

Because in session 4 of the Four Percent Challenge you'll understand the 'terror barrier' and you'll have the option of doing nothing or...

Embracing your doubt fear and anxiety as they are proof you are heading the right way.

You up for it?

Take the Four Percent Challenge.

My Story So Far
Addicted To My Daily Pill...

Hi my names Suzsanne, and this is my take on my latest addiction (add to smoking and booze).

So accompanied by my husband Richard (he paid :)) I've set off on the journey to become an online entrepreneur...

But not just any old entrepreneur ...a super successful one.

In the top 4%! (lol)

Quite the stretch.

For reference I work full-time as a document controller for a large UK civil engineering and construction firm.

I don't have much time, I've no marketing skills, and I've never been an entrepreneur...

Let alone a good one 🙂

I do have a love of learning, and I have helped add content onto websites in previous jobs.

Richard has bought all manner of online courses and tools which I can use if I want?

Through Richard I'm also a promotional partner for The Four Percent Challenge (see the image below of Richard's Four Percent dashboard showing access to all core products) 

Sreenshot of Richards Four Percent Membership dashboard showing access to all core products

So though I am a Four Percent Promotional Partner, I will try not to be to biased.

So WHO is the Four Percent Challenge for

And NOT For?

Anyone with a business who wants to take it online and learn from a PROVEN mentor. Vick Strizheus is the mentor and personally I've found him UNIQUE, charismatic, inspiring and easy to follow.

Would be entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, network marketers are an excellent fit.

We'll talk about cost later in the review but for now you can test it out for $1 for 7 days which will help you decide.

This is an ambitious program.

I've doubted  my ability, my desire, and obviously my skills. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone already and I know from Richard (he's a week or so ahead of me) this is going to get worse...

Yet I love it.

Vick is all about demonstrating and teaching proven strategies. This is not get rich quick, or some other short-lived hack.

This is about learning how to develop yourself, into somebody who's greatly valued in your market.

I've barely started and yet I feel like a different person. 

Every training session includes extensive mindset conditioning work which has really had an effect on me, I'm creating my own little daily success ritual, have given up smoking (after 30 years), and have started meditating (not that Vick prescribes meditation). 

I wholeheartedly attribute these changes in me to Vick and his Four Percent Challenge.

Unfortunately I don't think this product is for people on a tight budget. True you can get started for $1 which is great for testing out how you resonate with Vicks coaching, but going forwards you have either pay $49 per month or a one-off fee of $497.

But the reality is you don't become a world class or even quite good entrepreneur without investing in yourself, business, skills, tools, services and probably advertising.

I'll do a detailed cost breakdown later in this review.

In closing this chapter I wanted to explain why I described Vick's coaching as UNIQUE in a world filled with would-be mentors.

Though I described this program as not for those on a tight budget I do believe it's fantastic value when compared to face-to-face type coaching which is far more expensive because of the limitations in numbers of attendees and the time demands on the teacher.

However in the Challenge you have in my opinion a really inspiring format for coaching people. Vick is basically videoing himself from scratch building up his business in front of our eyes. Showing in detail every mouse click and action, and even sharing his thoughts and reasoning along the way.

Though what makes this unique is the mindset conditioning that Vick shares with us. I've never seen (nor has Richard) a training program that retains and develops the mindset conditioning to marry up with your growing skills and experience. A combo I think will see student success rates rocket.

Clicking on the button above will take you to an email optin page (see picture below). Add your best email address and 'request access' will take you to Vick's Four Percent Challenge $1 sign up video and sales page where you can start your journey.

Opting in will also gain access to Vick's free live training that he releases every Monday, as well as optional updates from Richard and me regarding our various challenge journey's.

I know we both intend to make this information as helpful as possible for anyone interested in building a business online 🙂

The email optin page for the Four Percent Challenge

So How Does Vick Describe
The Four Percent Challenge... 

In Vicks words...

"FourPercent Challenge is the most comprehensive, step-by-step video guided daily coaching program specifically designed to help you create a true and lasting breakthrough in business, marketing, income, and life.

Imagine getting coached directly by an 8-figure internet entrepreneur on exactly how to go from zero to your first $10,000... $100,000... and even $1,000,000 - step-by-step, day-by-day in a "look over the shoulder" format.

No matter what it is you're promoting or selling, if you dare to take The Challenge, you will rise yourself head and shoulders above everybody else in your space, and become UNSTOPPABLE".

Answering what is the Four Percent Challenge

And What Do Others Think...

Underneath each session there is a comments section. here are some of the comments from people going through the challenge...

And now a couple of Video reviews that I liked....

Before moving on to the 'how much' detail I just wanted to reconfirm that this is a long-term program there are 60 sessions in each phase of the challenge. It's not going to be all plain sailing, we'll all face challenges, I know I'm going to have to start pushing myself further than I want ...but if I want to grow I know what I have to do.

My success is my responsibility no one else's ....though I can always blame Richard if things go wrong 🙂

Four Percent Challenge - How Much?

So the challenge is designed for aspiring ambitious entrepreneurs in general terms that can be separated into two groups. 

  • Those following the challenge to promote their own business
  • Those who also want to become Four Percent Challenge promotional partners

So I've separated the costs across two columns which I hope makes sense.

Non Promotional Partner

Four Percent Challenge $1 trial,
$49/mo or $497 one-off

Optional Four Percent Core Products
E-stage Website (WordPress) $497 one-off
Internet Traffic Mastery Advanced traffic training $997 one-off 'Early Bird' discount.

Optional Tools and Services products and services used by Vick in running his business. 
Web Hosting
Domain Registration
Email Service Provider
Lead Capture / Funnel Building Software
Tracking Software

Promotional Partner

Four Percent Challenge $1 trial,
$49/mo or $497 one-off

Promotional Partner Fee $19.95/mo or $197 one-time.

UPDATE May 2018: The discounted introductory fee structure above is due to end. At the time of writing this the new fee structure has yet to be released.

This fee is likely to be prohibitive with the intent of moving Four Percent Promotional partners away from the biz opp community.

Optional Four Percent Core Products
E-stage Website (WordPress) $97/mo or $497 one-off
Internet Traffic Master Advanced traffic training $997 one-off 'Early Bird' discount.
NOTE: Promotional partners can only earn commissions on Four Percent Core Products that they own.

Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) Four Percent recommend various tools and services. As a promotional partner you can join all these companies affiliate programs at zero cost (except Leadpages). You can then earn commissions on any of these products if members you introduce buy these services through your affiliates links in the Four Percent Back Office.

5 Reasons You Should Pop This Pill 🙂



For me this is the best training of it's type Richard has ever seen (he's seen a lot!) and by a wide margin! So the offer of testing it yourself for $1 for the first 7 days is great. Budget carefully though because setting up a business like this can't be done on a shoestring.




To get things started Vick sorts us out mentally. 80% of success is in the mind. This is Tony Robbins territory (love Tony :), but Vick handles it in a way that I personally felt was easily understood and very doable. Not easy but obviously worth the effort.



The Structure Layering And Sequencing Of The Training.

Meticulous video training delivered by Vick Strizheus in person. I don't know how this