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Index of the training provided in the Four Percent Challenge Phase 1 the $10K Challenge

1. Early Days...
I KNOW This Is Working...

How do I know this is working? (I'll come back to this later)

But I have something more important...

Personally I'm loving the Four Percent Challenge.

But for me there is something more important at play here, and I'll be forever grateful to Vick for showing me.

I've never experienced a training program before that puts so much emphasis on DAILY mindset conditioning.

Most training programs don't even mention mindset or they skirt round it with some quotes from Tony Robbins and a message of "you can't fail unless you give up". It's not enough.

Four Percent Challenge (FPC) has a lot of mindset conditioning work every single day from the get go.

Now I'm only on day 16 (Richard my husband is a week or so ahead of me), and he's also got way more experience of this mindset conditioning stuff which is what I wanted to talk to you about.

For me this is the Key. It works. It really is life changing.

And it's FREE. Yes, you don't need Vicks or anybody else's training to start seeing the benefits (I'll show you later).

If nothing else I want to convince you to test mindset conditioning for yourself with or without The Four Percent Challenge.

So I mentioned earlier that this stuff works and implied that I've got proof.

For me I've now done 16 straight days of listening to a 31 minute video recording. Personally I wouldn't have done more than about 3 if it hadn't been for Vicks coaching and my husbands encouragement.

Not that's it's hard to do, but do you really need to listen to the same message every day?.

Yes, you do.

Just stick with it. And don't put it on in the background and not take notice. No. Really listen every single day.

For me it's early days but I feel different.

More helpful at work. Calmer. Buzzing with ideas (I've started a journal for them), and after 32 years I've given up smoking (only just but I 'know' there's no going back).

Richard for me is proof this works. Over the last three years Richard has created his own Tony Robbins like 'hour of power' ritual to start each and every day. He even gets up at 4am when required to ensure he doesn't miss a day.

Having been married over 26 years years and together 30 I know Richard quite well, and the last 3 years have seen him lose over 2.5 stone (31lbs) in weight, and develop a much calmer and more tolerant personality. He's happier and healthier than at any time I've known him.

Richard has blogged about his daily action steps here if your interested.

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Sessions Days Covered (1-16) What I've Done

So I've circled back to create this case study of me following the Four Percent Challenge on a budget. This was my idea that came to me through the mindset sessions.

I felt people would be interested in ways to start this business on a budget. I also wanted to show a way of starting for free which you can see here...

For an index of the Four Percent daily sessions click here...

So here's a summary of what I've learned / done:-

  • Learned why people fail online and what to do instead
  • Learned the big secret of millionaires... having multiple streams of income
  • Learned the importance of mindset and the changes I'm going to have to make!
  • Created my goal and committed it to a card I now carry everywhere
  • Learned how to pick a winning product to promote as an affiliate
  • I've learned how to promote products in a unique and helpful way
  • I've learned what tools an online business needs and why
  • I've started learning these tools
  • I've ran my first advertising campaign
  • I've started building my retargeting pool with Adroll

And what I've done different through not using Clickfunnels.

  • Rather than being able to share Vicks alternate landing page I've created my own on this site using the Thrive Architect plugin.
  • I've created what I think is helpful unique content that 'pre-sells' the original Clickfunnels landing page.
  • Rather than study Internet Traffic Mastery I've just stuck with Bing PPC as I've used them before.


The headline is one sale!

Below are both mine and some of Richards stats...

Clickmagick screen shot showing my first sales in this case study

The screenshot above is of Richards Clickmagick dashboard (the funnel entry links for the Four Percent Challenge).

The left hand column is the link name for identification purposes all the ones starting with Suz are mine from this site.

The '1' circled is my first sale Yay 🙂

I've left some of Richards stats in the image as a comparison. It's to early to say but Vick teaches that conversions improve the more we help visitors. 

I'm trying my best to learn more and improve my skills so I can help others more ...these stats are beginning to reflect this.

If you have any questions please ask away in the comments below 🙂

Looking forward to my next update


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