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What's working in the field right now, and will continue to because it's not what everybody else is doing. Don't compete ...create! 



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Most E-Commerce training is about finding a product source (Ali Baba usually), copying the images, adding a profitable mark-up and then sending Facebook traffic to your product listing and hoping for the best. Really.

This is not sustainable ...learn why and what is.



Real life examples

Shubham shares his thought processes right through from opportunity spotting, product sourcing, UNIQUE positioning, and finally how to launch and dominate the market. Simply watch, learn and implement in your own business.



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If creating your own super successful e-commerce business wasn't enough Shubham shares what might be an even bigger opportunity...

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Susanne Penfold

Hi, I'm Suzi (Susanne) :) My journey to recapture my mojo is starting with this site. The goal is to subsidize my earnings through affiliate commissions and turn my current job (which I like) part-time. Simple actions rather than endless learning, doing is the key...

  • JohnB says:

    Starting your own e-commerce sounds great but the video isn’t working for some reason. Besides that, you don’t provide information on the program’s details, who the owner is and if it is free or not. If the video worked it would be ok but it doesn’t. Maybe you can fix it.

    • Thanks for letting me know the problem. Turns out I set the video to private in Youtube …oops.

  • James Harvey says:

    I was interested in seeing the content on this page. So I clicked on it in the search. But the video when I click play on it doesn’t show anything. It says the video has been removed. Please fix the issue and let me know once you do. I really want to see how I can grow my buisness in 2018.

    • Hi James, sorry you had a problem. I couldn’t find any issues with the video or the links to the free training. Maybe give it another try…

      • Hi James, my bad turns our I’d somehow made the Youtube video private 🙁 embarrassing….

  • Vlad says:

    The eCommerce industry is on the rise, but this just means that the competition is getting bigger haha.

    After all, how can anyone really compete with Amazon, on either price of quality of service?

    Sure, small businesses may hold some advantages, but the important question is how are you supposed to make your prices as low as Amazon.

    Still, I believe that it is doable.
    Maybe these videos will give me some insight on the subject.


    • Yes, the video’s will answer your questions …spoiler alert you’ll not be competing with Amazon…

      Thanks for your comments Vlad.

  • shrey says:

    I cannot get the video to work and would love to know if you are providing a step by step training on e-commerce. I wanted to make money online as well and would love to know how it is to be done.
    DO give more information about this, and is there a free trial period where I could check out the program?

    • Hi Shrey, Sorry if your having problems with the video, I’ve double checked with Youtube and it’s now getting views OK, so maybe give it another try in a different browser. If you want to know more about e-commerce click the link below the video, sign up to the E-com Entrepreneur free training, which is fantastic for people considering e-commerce.

      In terms of making money online there are many ways, but I’ll only mention the stuff I’ve tried … 1. Curating really good helpful (not salesy) review videos for software products into a review blog post and then sending Bing PPC traffic to those posts/pages (this post covers some of my results) 2. Again done from this site (but on hidden pages) with the intention of building an email list to promote training that I believe could help people like us.

      I only promote two training programs Wealthy Affiliate and Four Percent Group if interested Wealthy Affiliate provides a free membership which is great for testing them out, Four Percent are scraping their free option but do provide a lot of great free content on their weekly webinar channel here…

      Thanks Shrey, this whole make money online thing is real and doable, but please be very careful and do your research before handing over your money!!!

  • Darcy says:

    This is a wonderful unique set up you have here! It is really nice to see a marketer taking advantage of video messaging. It is truly the most effective way of getting your message across these days.

    I am going to take a gander around this site and keep it book marked as well. Will you be updating your site regularly?

  • Erik Garcia says:

    Thank you for sharing this is really great I can’t wait to be part of this e-commerce marketing . I seen a lot of people were having trouble viewing the video, I didn’t have that problem at all! nevertheless i’m ready to watch the second video they sent me for free for subscribing!

    • Thanks, must set the video in Youtube to public not private – duh my bad 🙂 Thanks for letting me know it’s working Erik.

      Yes this series is really great if you’re considering going into e-commerce.