Married to a Wealthy Affiliate

To be more specific married to a Wealthy Affiliate member 🙂

​My husband Richard joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) as first a free member before upgrading to premium when he knew it was right for him.

If you're looking for a review of Wealthy Affiliate to help you decide if it's a good choice for you. I'm delighted to be offering you a different perspective than many.​

​I'm not going to do the usual long detailed review, because quit frankly it's not needed, WA offers a free membership option which gives people free training and two free websites, with no time restrictions, this is more than enough to enable you to try it for yourself zero cost, and zero risk!

I asked Richard for his top three reasons why you should consider WA membership...

#1 - IT WORKS!
Well over 10 years experience in teaching tens of thousands of people how to create their own successful website based business. The training never stops being developed to reflect the changes in technology and influencing factors (Googles algorithm).

You can prove it works by trying it out for yourself, as well as talking with fellow members. Of coarse not everyone succeeds, but the ones who follow the training and take consistent persistent action do.

#2 - The Wealthy Affiliate member community
Well over 200,000 very active members many of which are super successful online AND happy to help newbies get started on the right foot. This support mechanism is both super helpful and inspiring. Richard can bore for England on how it's the community that makes WA the best.

#3 - Wealthy Affiliate hosting
The least sexy of benefits, this is unlikely to rev anybody's engine. 

Unless you've had experience with websites before the value of secure, fast, all inclusive hosting is going to be lost on you (it is me). But Richard has had his fill of hacked sites and has moved all his to WA.

I also asked Richard his opinion on why people fail following the Wealthy Affiliate system...

Without hesitation Richard replied MINDSET. If you consider the work to be a 12 month labor of LOVE (the joy stats from the first day or should) you won't fail.

If it's all about the money you probably will fail.


It's about making your site about something you enjoy doing, or learning, or teaching, of supporting or.... you get the gist.​

​Hence why WA give you two free websites.

Also note you can delete them and start again so you could test lots of ideas with your free websites if you wanted.

Grab Your Free WA Membership here...​

A Wealthy Affiliates Wife's Perspective

As Richard put's it, he's never ever going to stop being a WA member. The money he saves through hosting all his sites with WA rather than using alternative quality hosting is worth over $400 per month alone!​

Richard also takes very seriously every opportunity he gets to help people starting out in WA, and this 'pay it forward' attitude runs throughout the membership.

Though by Richards own admission he isn't busting his own earning targets yet, what he does earn pays for modest cars and slightly less modest holidays ...which I'm very happy about 🙂


If you're interested in starting your own successful business online Wealthy Affiliate is a long-term proven system that has helped many thousands of people to do exactly this.

With a no strings attached free membership option the advice has to be to join for free and really get involved with the community, ask questions, follow the training, test out your ideas, and have fun!​

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  • Rob S. says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is just something that you have to see to believe. There are so many scams out there. But how do you finally find the one that isn’t and that will change your life? The search is over!
    Find a passion in your life, build a website about it, get traffic, and be successful.
    Leary? No need to be with over 800,000 members there for support. You’re right. You can’t fail if you don’t quit. But you have to start first. Now’s the time.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for your message.

      Yes, taking action is the key. Believe in yourself and take Nike advice … just do it 🙂

      A good strategy like WA teaches allows for learning as you go, you won’t start perfect but like anything practice makes perfect.

  • LionsTooth says:

    It works. You proved it. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best Internet Marketing program or community that inspires my learning desire on it. As you said ‘I can’t fail if I don’t quit.’ You are right! There are so many scammers in the sea of internet inducing naive folks with fraudulent programs or systems. I think that any newbie who meets the Wealthy Affiliate is a lucky guy.

    • Thanks for your comment Lions Tooth (I never imagined I’d ever write that – cool user name 🙂 )

      Yes, WA works for some people (not all) the advice has to be to join WA for free, test the hell out of everything in order to decide if the business model is for you. If it is great, invest in yourself and your business by either going premium with WA (my advice) or looking for a program that teaches a similar approach, buy a domain name, hosting and follow a proven plan…

      …and never quit.

      Thanks Lions Tooth (love it).

  • shrey says:

    This was a pretty interesting read, I was myself thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate once I finished reading your entire post but is it too time-consuming?

    Is it okay to join even if I know I may not be able to indulge way too much time in WA, will it work for me?

    • Hi Shrey,

      I’m a like you, short of time. The problem with looking for fast ways to make money is that most end in programs that don’t work.

      WA teaches how to create a profitable website through keyword research and content creation, a skill set that can earn you money for the rest of your life! How much time is it worth investing to learn a skill like that?

      My approach to speeding up this process is to use paid traffic (pay per click), whilst I wait for my written content to attract organic free traffic. I’ll add more info on this subject as I progress…

      Thanks for commenting Shrey, and good luck with your search.

  • Ilias says:

    When you see a training program with so many members while some of them are really successful and well known in their niche, you want to learn what they know.

    This is what I think about Wealthy Affiliate as a business opportunity and training.

    You are right, you cannot fail if you do not quit. I will try to remember that.

    • Hi Ilias, Yes there’s no smoke without fire. WA has been going too long to be fake. The skills you learn, niche selection through structured keyword research, and the creation of keyword focussed compelling content that attracts visitors is a real, valuable skill set. Heck, you can sell your articles online if nothing else.

  • John Rico says:

    Hey there! I’m a college student and I’m looking for a part time job online. I heard and read great thine about wealthy affiliate and I’m interested on trying it. My problem is that I only have limited money to spend but I have plenty of spare time to invest. Do you think that wealthy affiliate is worth the time and money? I greatly appreciate your response.

    • Hi John, my advice would be, join free use your first week to test everything out and see if you like creating content for websites (the primary money making activity). If so go premium the first month is $19 cram like crazy, and if funding is an issue drop back to free again.

      If you like writing for the web you can also get paid for writing articles on platforms such as whilst building your own site out (iwriter can pay while you’re waiting for your site to gain traction).

      Good luck 🙂

  • Neil says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is that amazing, that even my mom and brother joined. And now my uncle wants to become a member of the community too lol.

    I showed them my blog and how I’m earning affiliate commissions, they could then see the potential income they can also generate from their passions and following the training at WA. 🙂

    WA is by far the best community out there that gives you websites, training, tools, and support all in one place for creating a successful affiliate business.


    • Thanks, Neil.

      WA is the real deal!

      I hope your family ALL go on to enjoy their journey to success through Wealthy Affiliate…