Project 1 Wealthy Affiliate - Suzis Favs....
Project 1 Wealthy Affiliate promotion

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate membership makes sense as one of my first projects.

Wealthy Affiliate for those that don't know is over 10 years old and respected as a great training program and community.

Personally I'm trying to take a learn stuff as I need it approach with this business, so that I achieve more doing than learning.

I've gone through some of the Wealthy Affiliate training, and am about to start the PPC training as this will be my first traffic source.

My husband Richard has been a premium member of WA for over 3 years, and loves it, so I do have access to his knowledge as well.

Richard has also promoted WA using Bing Ads so  I'll be picking his brain here too :)​

Richard has advised me that Wealthy Affiliate isn't the easiest program to promote profitably with PPC because of the huge amount of competition forcing the cost per click too high.

In terms of content angle I'm going to test something along the lines of 'Married to a Wealthy Affiliate' as I feel this will be different from many of the reviews out there.


Wealthy Affiliate Promotion Update - 9th August 2017

So with Richards help I've got a few PPC campaigns started.

I'm testing two angles for my ads​ and corresponding landing pages.

1. My "Married to a Wealthy Affiliate" review landing page designed to get click-throughs to WA and free membership sign-ups.​

2. Using Richards Wealthy Affiliate bonus offer "Wealthy Affiliate Accelerator"​ the objective of this campaign is to gain email subscribers, before promoting WA in the follow up.

Starting out only bidding on keywords containing "Wealthy Affiliate" so far traffic has been slow...

Campaign 1 Married to a Wealthy Affiliate has achieved 4 clicks at 27p per click with zero conversions.

Campaign 2 WA Accelerator ​has achieved 8 clicks at 40p per click with 1 email opt-in and zero WA sign-ups.

I'll let these marinade for a while before looking at tweaking things.​

​Update 19th August

My WA review content angle isn't performing as well as the "Wealthy Affiliate Accelerator" lead capture approach which is currently converting 35% of visits into subscribers. 

I'm told this isn't a bad conversion rate for PPC traffic. I've only added a few follow up email messages, so I need to add to the sequence and ensure the content is 'helpful' as possible.

So far no WA free sign-ups, but I'll see how things progress...​

Wealthy Affiliate Promotion Update - 8th October 2017

Have Decided to pause both of these campaigns as currently they are not profitable.

The Wealthy Affiliate Accelerator angle shows promise. The email opt-in conversion rate steadied at 26% at a cost of £1.63 per email subscriber. However only one person decided to join WA as a free member.

To date have spent just over £51 over both campaigns for 1 free sign up and no paid.

My heart say's that I rather 'forced' this campaign in an effort to take action and build momentum. My heart goes on to tell me that I'm rather projecting what my husband thinks about WA rather than my true feelings...

Meaning there's an authenticity disconnect that's putting people off joining what is a solid program.

What WA teaches is how to find keywords to write unique content for that attracts visitors by ranking highly in search engines. I'm not doing this so should either change my angle to be more honest or not promote WA.

The irony of this experience is that I did put quite a lot of effort into building this promotion, but it's being easily out performed by campaigns I've put together with hardly any effort at all!

I will come back to this campaign because I can see green shoots of success, but currently I don't feel I have the skills to nurture them yet...



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  • Saj says:

    I’m thinking of promoting Wealthy Affiliate but your experience is putting me off 🙁

    • I feel my lack of profitability in promoting Wealthy Affiliate using Bing PPC is a combo of my lack of skills and a large amount of competition for the product name keywords I targeted.

      I would like to come back to it when I feel my powers are greater 🙂

      I wouldn’t want to put you off though because I feel that my pre-selling content was very weak. A lot of people that join WA start by promoting physical products on Amazon, which is not my interest so I feel there was a critical disconnect.

      Test your own pre-selling content, and / or use free traffic methods rather than ppc.

      Hope this helps:)

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