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Discover the GOOD the BAD & the UGLY of the Thrive Architect
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Top 5 Benefits for You




Thrive Architect offers the fairest pricing model. LIFETIME licence including 1st years support. Meaning for a one time fee you get all Thrive Architect updates for life! If you want additional support you have the option of paying a small annual fee. Check out Thrives pricing table here....



Thrive API Integrations

Thrive is the only page-builder that integrates with all the major email service providers, webinar platform providers and the big three social platforms. This allows you to build stunning marketing campaigns from your Thrive interface, saving you time and accelerating your business growth.



The Thrive Ecosystem of Conversion Focused Products

Adam compared Thrive's suite of products to that of Apple; the benefits and joy of buying into a 'family' of integrated products specifically designed to improve your websites business performance.



Embarrassing List of UNIQUE Features...

Only true 'in-line editor' (though the others are all working on this one) which is vital for creating long-form content rich post or pages. Best Mobile editing interface, breadcrumb system to enable more detailed editing of every element, and a growing library of free page template 'sets'.



Thrive University

Thrive Architect comes with lots of video training, but also gives you free access to Thrive University which provides detailed training courses on business topics such as list building and copy-writing. This training is great  ....want proof? check out Thrive University for yourself here...

But Nothing is Perfect...



Global Site Elements 

This feature is in the 'coming' list. Global site elements are content elements that may sit on many pages (not widgets). Though it's easy to build and save these elements as templates in Thrive Architect, what's not yet possible is to edit the template and automatically update all the instances of that element in one edit.



Using Thrives Landing Page Templates with Your Sites Header Footer

True, this is a very small gripe but there are occasions when you may want to use a Thrive Landing page template between your sites header and footer section. Currently this can be done using a work around which takes a few minutes, it could be a button click.

Follow My Four Percent On A Budget Case-Study

Can I successfully follow The Four Percent Challenge on a tight budget?

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Susanne Penfold

Hi, I'm Suzi (Susanne) :) My journey to recapture my mojo is starting with this site. The goal is to subsidize my earnings through affiliate commissions and turn my current job (which I like) part-time. Simple actions rather than endless learning, doing is the key...

  • Crystal says:

    Very nice! another success story. Gives me more energy to keep it up. I love online marketing as well and WA has really helped me to achieve my goals. They are very thorough and i love the step by step guide. Its way better than just going on YouTube for tutorials on how to get started. WA actually is there with u every step.

    • Hi, Crystal. I’m glad Wealthy Affiliate has helped you reach your goals …that’s so cool (I’m just starting to get my first results so have a way to go yet).

      WA is the program that re-ignited my husbands desire for this online stuff, and for me, I think it’s the best place for newbies or the disillusioned to start, it’s safe, honest and works (with dedicated effort).

      Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

  • SaintJaymes says:

    Hey Suzi, I agree. Thrive Themes offers a lot. I used the LUXE theme and found it a really sharp theme. Once I learned how to use Thrives tools, a quick learn, it was a lot of fun building a pretty slick site. I saw Architect and am actually considering it for my next niche site. Thanks for good timing on this review.

    • Thrive Architect keeps getting better and better… I love it 🙂

      Thanks for visiting SaintJaymes