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Susanne Penfold

Hi, I'm Suzi (Susanne) :) My journey to recapture my mojo is starting with this site. The goal is to subsidize my earnings through affiliate commissions and turn my current job (which I like) part-time. Simple actions rather than endless learning, doing is the key...

  • Judy says:

    This was a great collection of information and useful tips to enhance and grow my online business. I am book marking this page to return to on an as needs basis. The Thrive themes video was excellent, so easy to listen to and some great advice to maximize the value of customer comments. . There was too much information contained here to take it all in one sitting so I will be back.. It was humbling to realize how much I still need to learn.
    Thank you so much for sharing

  • Himbru says:

    Great lesson about comments. The tips for visitor engagement and turning them to lead are really very helpful for me. A have just started my online journey and hope that I can implement them in my site for more value.
    Thank you for this great video tutorial of turning comments to cash.

  • Arta says:

    I enjoyed watching the video and couldn’t stop nodding my head while watching it 🙂 The utilization of comments is a great idea and I immediately checked out their page. The pricing is quite reasonable, as well, I just couldn’t quite understand – the price mentioned – is it like one-time fee or an annual fee?

  • AlanJE says:

    HihiHi The video is very informative and thorough thanks. I will re-visit for new information from time to time.

  • Alan Edwards says:

    Hi I visited your website and watched and listened to your welcome video which was very informative and comprehensive.
    I will re-visit your site and the welcome video again in future for reference to more specific information about what I need especially for converting comments into money, when I have all my personal information to hand. Alan

  • Norman says:

    Hello, and thanks for sharing, what you have provided is truly amazing and will really help your readers. Having a successful online business requires these keys and anyone that owns an online business should really take note of what you have said. Your post is well detailed and has a ton of good information.

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